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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, William Paterson University Information Technology has created this article to assist our students, faculty and staff with information on continuing their education and work from off-campus.

Resources for Employees

Information on the variety of tools available for continuing remote work are available at Resources_for_Working_Remotely

Resources for Faculty & Online Instruction

For support with the use of Blackboard for online instuction, visis the Faculty Blackboard support page - Blackboard

Resources for Students

Blackboard Support

Software Available for Student Use on Personal Computers

The following software is available for limited use on personal computers and devices.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (available through May 31st 2020)

Visit Adobe_Creative_Cloud for additional information on how to access the Adobe Creative Cloud products on personal devices.

  • SPSS Statistics (Subscription Free trial available through June 15th 2020)

Visit for a 90 day trial

  • Wolfram Mathematica|Online (Available through August 15th 2020)

Visit Wolfram_Mathematica#Home_Use_Program for information on how to use Mathematica Online

Resources for Acquiring Internet Access

For any student or employee in need of internet access, the following resources are available through ISPs.

Additionally, the recently announced FCC agreement states that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and provide open hot-spots during the pandemic crisis.