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To setup email on your Android smartphone please use the following information. These instructions may differ from phone to phone because of the different versions of Android available and the way different carriers implement the Email client.


Verified on an HTC smartphone, Android ICS 4.0

  1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet, either via Wi-Fi or your carrier’s network connection.
  2. Open your mail app. Press menu, then “new account”.
  3. Select “Other POP3/IMAP”
  4. Press manual setup.
  5. Under “Protocol”, make sure “POP” is selected.
  6. For email address, type in your full email address:
  7. For username, type in your full email address:
  8. Type in your password
  9. For POP Server, type in
  10. For security type, select “SSL”.
  11. For port, type in 995
  12. Press next.
  13. You should now be in a screen that says “Outgoing server settings”.
  14. Scroll down to SMTP server. Then type in
  15. For security type, select “TLS”
  16. For port, type in 587.
  17. Press next
  18. Press finish setup.
  19. Your emails should now sync with your device.

Faculty and Staff

If your account has been migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, you will need to delete your email account from your phone and start fresh.

  1. From the Applications menu, select Email. This application may be named Mail on some versions of Android.
  2. Type your full e-mail address, for example, and your password, and then select Next.
  3. Select Exchange account. This option may be named Exchange ActiveSync on some versions of Android.
  4. Enter your user name and domain. On some versions of Android, this information will be in the same box and must be entered as wpc\user.
  5. Enter your password in the appropriate box.
  6. Enter the server as

Depending on your phone, you may have to accept security settings when it first connects to the Exchange Server. You must press Activate or Allow.