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Instructions to Electronically Sign Adjunct Contracts

Formerly adjuncts were required to sign a paper copy of their contract. Adjuncts are now required to log on to WPConnect to review and acknowledge their acceptance electronically.
First, log into then click “WPConnect”

First Step.png

You will see a notification on WPConnect.

Capture 3.png

After clicking the “Adjunct Contract to Acknowledge for <semester>” notification, you will see the following “Adjunct Assignment Agreement / Compensation and Acceptance” screen.


You must check the box next to “Faculty Acknowledgement”, and then click the “Acknowledge Selected Positions” button.
You may have more than one “Faculty Acknowledgement” box to check in your contract.
Please review the credit compensation for all and check ALL “Faculty Acknowledgement” boxes before clicking “Acknowledge Selected Positions”.
You may also view the “Additional Contract Terms” by clicking “Contract Note”.


After the “Faculty Acknowledgement” box(s) is checked AND the “Acknowledge Selected Positions” button is selected, You will see a confirmation at top of screen.


If you have not acknowledged your contract, you will automatically receive a daily reminder email in your WPU Outlook address.
Once you have acknowledged your contract, the daily reminder emails will cease.