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Creating an Event Request


Recommended browser for 25Live is Google Chrome. When accessing 25Live from WPConnect, a second “Sign In” utilizing your WPConnect login and password is required. Once at the 25Live screen, click "Sign In" in the upper right corner.

1) If the initial screen is in Calendar mode, click the tab on the right for Dashboard or the tab for Event Wizard next to the Home tab.


2) Click the “Create an Event” button on the home dashboard. This will bring you to the Event Wizard which is 25Live’s built-in event scheduling request form.

Note: If you change the view from Dashboard to Calendar (upper right tabs) and exit 25Live, you will need to reselect the dashboard tab or select the Event Wizard tab (upper left tabs) upon next sign-in to access “Create an Event”. 25Live pages are “sticky”, meaning when the view is changed 25Live remembers that as a preference and will open that page the same way next time.

3) Enter the Event Information: * are required fields

Event Name – EX: New Scholars History Conference

Note: Event Title only applies if there is a different name advertising the event. EX: History on Trial, Rethinking the Discipline, Rethinking the Past

Type of Event - Use the drop down to select (i.e. – meeting, conference, workshop)
Primary Organization – type in the first few letters of organization to pull a dropdown selection (i.e. stud)
Note: On the left side of the screen your entries will populate along with a progress bar. If there are any conflicts with your request they will appear in red in this box with an *.
Note: Wait for the Next arrow to appear. Do not click Save as your event request is not complete. You will SAVE your event after all the screens have been completed. Click NEXT

4) Expected Attendance: Enter the maximum number of people expected to attend the event. The expected number assists with the size of the room required. This is a required field.


Event Description – This field is intended to capture details about your event. The information will be visible to those that may wish to know more about your event. These details will also assist in the review of the requirements for the request. Click NEXT

5) Event Occurrence: Select NO for one occurrence. Selecting NO will automatically advance the request to the next screen.


6) Enter the Event Date and Start and End Time: Select a date by clicking the calendar icon. Then type the start and end times in the corresponding fields. Note the check box for begins and ends on the same day is automatically checked.

Note: Setup and Takedown time is required when the event includes movement of existing room furniture, audio visual or food service. This information will be entered by the Scheduler during the review of the request.

7) For Multiple Occurrences: Select YES. Selecting YES will automatically advance the request to the next screen.


8) Enter the Event Date and Start and End Time: Select a date by clicking the calendar icon. Then type the start and end times in the corresponding fields. Select dates by clicking the calendar icon and enter start and end times. Please Note: you are selecting the dates and times of the first occurrence of the actual event on this page. You will select your next dates on the following screens. Click Next

Date Time.jpg

9) Select the appropriate type of repeat and fill in the requested information on frequency, day, length of repeat to occur. Click NEXT


10) Find and Select Location: Entire Campus automatically populates and a listing of all locations populates on the right hand side of the screen to assist with the correct abbreviations for buildings.


Use Search by Location Name. Type into the search field the building/room using the academic abbreviations for building (BShahn; Raub) select and click enter. The search field is not case sensitive. Hover over space to view location details. Building locations may take a few moments to appear. Clicking on the room in the search box will populate the selected location field to the left. You may * this location for future quick reference by checking the * button to the right.
Note: Available locations will be accompanied with a green check mark. Locations with conflicts will be accompanied by a red triangle. Only select an available location. However, this selection does not guarantee the room is available as there may be a prior request in queue for the same space. Location can only be confirmed by Events and Conference Services or the Departmental Scheduler.

11) Custom Attributes: Please answer the questions for the items that are required for the event. If you are requesting on behalf of someone, please enter the information for the person responsible for the event. If you are the person responsible for the event, these fields do not need to be filled in as the information has already been captured from your log-in.


12) Add Comments if needed. Click NEXT


13) Event State will appear as "Draft". Click SAVE


Your request is complete. An Events & Conference Scheduler will notify you if there are any questions regarding your event and/or will confirm the event.