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Access IPTV at www.wpunj.edu/tv

WPUNJ IPTV is powered by Philo
Philo app on iOS

IPTV is a service that Information Technology adopted to distribute live broadcast television, WPU locally produced programming, and I2 learning network content. This service is available to all authorized campus network users with premium content and DVR services available to resident students. IPTV permits students, faculty, and staff to stream content over WPU wireless or wired networks to any computer or mobile device giving all greater reach and flexibility. At inception it will carry up to 72 channels for resident students and local broadcast channels to authorized campus network users. The legacy Cable TV service via coax cable is no longer maintained and may not be available in all residence halls. For those who want to utilize traditional TV sets you may use a Roku device by logging onto IPTV page and click on "Account Settings" and "Register Roku".


What is IPTV and Philo?

Philo is the application that lets you watch live IPTV on the campus network using a wide variety of devices including your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and a traditional TV set through a Roku or Apple TV (in conjunction with a compatible AirPlay enabled device). With a stellar channel lineup resident students have the ability to pause and rewind live TV and 20 hours of their own DVR space. Philo gives you the flexibility and control you need to stay up-to-date on sports, current events, and the shows that matter to you most.

How do I get Philo?

Philo is available to all authorized campus network users. On-campus residents have DVR services and an additional channel lineup. Just go to www.wpunj.edu/tv and click on “LogIn with William Paterson NetID”.

Where Can I Use Philo?

Philo is available on the campus network to all authorized users who are connected to the university network—anywhere on campus. Please note that Philo is not available off campus, and will not work over a VPN connection.

Philo can only be viewed on one device at a time.

How Do I Start Watching Philo on my TV?

To watch Philo on a TV you will need a Roku or Roku TV, an Apple TV, or a laptop (with HDMI out) connected by HDMI cable to a TV.

Using a Roku device

To watch IPTV natively on your television, you'll need a Roku device. Visit Roku's website for information on the various Roku options.

Once you have your Roku setup on our wireless network, connect your Roku to your Philo account by logging into Philo on your computer and following the instructions on your account settings tab. Briefly, the instructions are.

  1. Install the private Philo Channel by visiting the website provided on your account settings tab.
  2. Launch the Philo Channel on your Roku device.
  3. Enter the code provided by the Philo Channel on your account settings tab.

Always check your account settings tab for the most up to date instructions on connecting a Roku to Philo. Additional Roku documentation from Philo

Using an Apple TV

To watch IPTV on your TV via Apple TV you must use AirPlay to stream Philo from an iOS device.

Information Technology suggest that students secure Apple TV's when using Airplay on campus.

  1. To Enable Airplay go to Settings > AirPlay
  2. To Enable Onscreen Code go to Settings > AirPlay > Onscreen Code (or Security)

For more information please see the Spring 2016 IT Newsletter or Apple's AirPlay Help Documentation

How Do I Start Watching Philo on my Laptop?

IPTV channel lineup on a desktop computer

Watching Philo is easy:

  1. Connect to the William Paterson wired or WiFi network
  2. Visit wpunj.edu/tv and click the “LogIn with William Paterson NetID” button.
  3. Enter your university credentials
  4. Start watching Philo!

How Do I Start Watching Philo on my Mobile Device?

If you want to watch Philo on your phone or tablet, you can download the Philo iOS or Android app.

  1. Download the Philo app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Enter your William Paterson Username and password
  3. Start watching live TV or record some for later

How Do I Get Help?

We hope you get the most out of your IPTV experience. If you require assistance or need further information contact the Help Desk staff at 973-720-4357 or enter a Help Desk Request.


William Paterson Philo Login Page

Usage Guide

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Technical Requirements

  • iOS mobile devices such iPad or iPhone. Download the Philo app from the App Store.
  • Android is supported. Download the Philo app from the Google Play Store.


The following channels are available to all users on the campus network.

Channel # Program
2.1 WCBS
4.1 WNBC
5.1 Fox5
6.1 WPTV
7.1 WABC
9.1 WWOR
10.1 NYC-TV
11.1 WPIX
13.1 WNET
18.1 WMBC
21.1 WLIW
31.1 ion
47.1 WNJU-HD (Telemundo)
48.1 mtvU
50.1 NJTV
100.1 University Needs

Campus Housing Residents also have access to the following channels

Channel # Program
22.1 TLC
23.1 History
24.1 Discovery
25.1 Investigation
26.1 NatGeo
27.1 TRU
28.1 Animal Planet
29.1 NASA
30.1 Weather Nation
32.1 C-Span
33.1 C-Span 2 (Shared with University Needs)
34.1 CNN
35.1 CNN-HLN
36.1 CNBC
37.1 MSNBC
38.1 BBC-US
39.1 Bloomberg
40.1 FoxNEWS
41.1 WXTV (Univision)
42.1 ESPN
42.2 ESPN2
43.1 ESPNews
44.1 ESPNU
45.1 MTV
46.1 MTV-2
49.1 VH1
51.1 CMT
52.1 Food
53.1 HGTV
54.1 USA
55.1 TNT
56.1 TBS
57.1 FX
58.1 SyFy
59.1 A&E
60.1 Bravo
61.1 E!
62.1 Reelz
63.1 BET
64.1 Spike
65.1 Pivot
66.1 UP
67.1 Velocity
68.1 WE
69.1 Hallmark
70.1 Movie & Mystery
71.1 Lifetime
72.1 LMN
73.1 ABC-Fam
74 Big Ten Network
75.1 TCM
76.1 Cartoon Network
77.1 Nick
78.1 TVLand
79.1 Disney
80.1 Comedy
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