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If you find any of the equipment differs from what is listed here, please help us fix it by reporting at: WWW.WPUNJ.EDU/HELP using request type: Podium Equipment / Classroom/Lab/Clinic Technology / Projection Systems

User Interface


The MLC-226 IP DV+ is a Combination User interface and processor made by the company Extron.

Tips: This room requires AV switching at both at the rack mounted AV switcher and at the projector. If a source is selected before the projector is turned on and fully warmed up, a situation may occur where the projector has the wrong source selected even though the correct button is lit. Try selecting a different source then going back to the desired one.

This is an older room and is not as capable or intuitive as our newer rooms. It does not have Digital connectivity and is on the top of the list of rooms to upgrade.

Built in Computer

PC in Rack.jpeg


PC Troubleshooting Tips

External Laptop Connections


Tips: Make sure there are no bent or missing pins in the connector before plugging it in.
VGA does not supply audio so if you require audio to be sent to the room speakers you will need to also connect a 3.5mm audio cable from the PC headphone jack into the jack on the podium.

Document Camera


Tips: Document Camera Instructions